Recovering funds

Investors who are the victims of violations of the securities laws can be eligible to retrieve money that has been recovered from scammers. The recovered funds are occasionally given to victims of an effective SEC enforcement action. 

Not every victim can get his money back. When victims obtain compensation, it may be far less than what they lost, and the process of disbursing the funds may be drawn out. 

 Disgorgement and fair funds, receiverships, consumer protections for brokerage accounts, corporate bankruptcy processes, and private class action lawsuits are just a few of the procedures that might aid victims in getting their money back. 

Recovering funds

Ways to recover funds

There are many ways to recover funds that have been lost or stolen. The most common method is to contact the bank, credit card company, or company or organisation that issued the check or money order as soon as possible or file a police report and an insurance claim. However, there are other ways to recover lost or stolen funds.  

One way to recover lost or stolen funds is to contact the bank or financial institution where the funds were deposited. The bank can help retrieve the funds if stolen from a bank account.  

Another way to recover lost or stolen funds is to contact the credit card company if the funds were stolen from a credit card. The credit card company could help recover the funds if they were stolen from a credit card account. 

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